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The Translating Wing / Shuttle Foil Approach

Clean, Simple, Robust, Reliable Electricity

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For Wind, River, Tidal, Ocean Current Harvesting

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Locally Harvested, Ultra Low Cost, Mechanical Energy

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The SF Process is The Clean Energy Miracle The World Needs Today

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Proven, Ultra Low Cost, Kinetic to Mechanical Energy Conversion Process

No other kinetic energy conversion process has been in use longer, has lower installation/operating costs, has higher output (per unit cost) than a simple sail. Cable mounted Shuttling Sails are ideal fluid harvesting means, whether for wind or flowing water, nothing captures more available kinetic energy, for less cost, than a simple sail / hydrofoil

Earth is Awash in Endless Clean Kinetic Energy From Wind & Flowing Water

Shuttle Foil systems will be able to cost effectively harvest large volumes of clean energy from Wind, Tidal Flows, Run-of-River & even Ocean Currents. The larger the total Foil/Sail/Wing area employed, the more energy can be harvested. Current cost estimates are less than 1/2 cent per kWh Electricity. Clean source Hydrogen, for gasoline competitive cost

Simple Process

Based on a simple cable-mounted, shuttle foil approach. Shuttle foils Sails/Wings simply shuttle back and forth via elevated cable loops to harvest the available kinetic energy.

Universal Deployability

SF systems can install across valleys for wind, across rivers and tidal flows for water and even deep into ocean currents

Scalable In Size

Shuttle Foil systems can range in size/output from very small 'Cottage size' kW output to very large '10s of MW' output Utilility output from tidal or ocean current systems

Sustainable 100% GHG Free

Will not harm wildlife/people. Will work everywhere & in all weather/flow conditions. SF systems do not produce ultra low frequency infrasound


Join The Kinetic Energy Revolution

Kinetic energy is omnipresent, it is immense & inexhaustible.

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