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Kinetic Energy: Clean, Sustainable, Endless and Available Everywhere !

Leonardo Da Vinci designed the first Reaction ferry 500 years ago (modern version in background). Like sailboats, ‘Reaction Ferries’ are simple, robust and ultra-low-cost-to-operate. Reaction Ferries rely solely on the kinetic energy contained in the river’s flow for propulsion. Reaction Ferries weights can be over 65 tons. By replacing the ‘ferry’ portion with an ‘optimized floating hydrofoil array’, and by adding a ‘perpendicular-to-the-flow’ cable loop (retained by an idler pulley on one shoreline and a generator on the other), the process becomes an ultra low cost generation means. The ‘River Reaction ferry’ is only one example of the long proven core Shuttle foil approach, other variants will be able to harvest from tidal flows, ocean currents, as well as wind. Shuttle Foil systems convert kinetic energy into ‘usable mechanical energy’, this ‘converted mechanical energy’ can then be used to drive generators. Based on long known DOC of Reaction ferries worldwide, we believe it will be possible to achieve a cost per kWh of only 1/2 cent!  Not one PhD engineer familiar with our Shuttle Foil generation approach has been able to find even minor flaws with the process; not one! When all things are considered, especially their centuries of reliable operation worldwide, the Shuttle Foil approach could prove to be the clean energy miracle the world needs.